1954 – Vancouver, Canada.





































      1954 British Empire & Commonwealth Games

 Vancouver, Canada


The awarding of the Games to Vancouver was the culmination of two years of very hard work by an enterprising group of Civic leaders spearheaded by then Mayor, Charles E. Thompson.

Vancouver then proceeded to set new standards in organisation and presentation of not only Commonwealth Games but also all multi-sport Games of the times.

The athletes’ oath was taken by the captain of the Canadian team, Mr Bill Parnell, which for the first time would reflect the involvement of Commonwealth nations, outside of the British Empire.

The Vth Games placed Vancouver on a world stage and featured memorable sporting moments as well as outstanding entertainment, technical innovation and cultural events. The 'Miracle Mile', as it became dubbed, saw both the gold medallist, Roger Bannister of England, and silver medallist, John Landy of Australia, run sub-four minute races in an event that was televised live across the globe for the first time.

Some 24 nations sent a total of 662 athletes and 127 officials to the Vancouver Games. This was a 'quantum leap' in size for the Commonwealth Games and represented the most significant increase in (100%) for any Commonwealth Games.

Nations winning medals at the Games included England, Australia, South Africa, Canada, New Zealand, Scotland, Trinidad, Northern Ireland, (Zimbabwe) North and South Rhodesia, Nigeria, Pakistan, Wales, Jamaica, Hong Kong, Uganda, Barbados and British Guiana.


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